5 Excess Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V family crossover that is included in the RV series (runabout vehicles), claimed Honda has a variety of advantages to distinguish at once make it superior to its rivals.

Excess The first is in terms of design. Honda said Honda BR-V as a vehicle / crossover multifunctional latest generation with design touches bercitra tough. If seen from the sketch, it is clear what is meant by design bercitra tough. Look at the fender with black plastic fenders over the wheels at the front and rear wheels.

The impression of SUV / crossover does look eager highlighted by Honda, though BR-V-based Honda Brio. High ground clearance becomes a second excess Honda BR-V. When referring to the Honda Mobilio, then its ground clearance is only 189 mm from the ground. Certainly inadequate for a crossover or a mini SUV. Moreover, a comparison of the latest Toyota Rush has a ground clearance of 200 mm.

The solution, Honda wearing a ring the size of the larger wheels. BR-V Honda will use larger wheels from Honda Mobilio. So automatically will raise ground clearance.

For the record this time Honda Mobilio using 15-inch alloy wheels. While Honda HR-V wears 17-inch wheels. Very reasonable if HPM will apply alloy wheels measuring 17 inches for BR-V.

Excess third is a spacious and comfortable cabin. This signal can be analyzed on the basis Brio’s platform is used by Honda Mobilio. Dimensions (length x width x height) 4,386 x 1,683 x 1,603 mm, successfully exploited relatively well at Honda Mobilio. Certainly will not be much different from the Honda BR-V. Configuration three rows of seats, with a capacity of seven seats, accompanied by adequate leg room (first and second row) for adults and children for the third row, a relatively adequate for a small family search family vehicle. See also photos of the interior of the Honda BR-V.

Excess fourth is in the engine and transmission. Honda crammed into a 1.5 liter engine i-VTEC beneath the bonnet BR-V. This machine is the same as the predicted Mobilio Honda engine. Similarly, the choice of transmission (M / T, A / T and CVT). Mobilio Honda engine has proven efficient when tested by Autocar.

Excess fifth is a safety feature. Honda BR-V will be equipped with dual airbags for front passengers and the driver and then brakes equipped with ABS and ABD. The entire body of the car has been applying the G-CON technology and ACE. That’s five advantages of New Generation Utulity Crossover Vehicle will be launched officially in Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow 2015.

The car is scheduled to be priced at a price range of Rp 140-300 million. While indennya process can be done in August. Delivery is expected to begin late 2016.